ASF Student Volunteer Program Sign-Up

Thank you for taking the time to consider involvement in The Allie Smiles Foundation's Student Volunteer Program.
We are happy you are interested and know that while this program does require some work on your part, it does allow for total creative expression as well as access to collaboration with some really great business minds who are available for coaching and putting together a solid strategy for your goals.
You will be provided an easy to follow online syllabus with clear and concise objectives for you. We won't do the work for you, however we will provide you the tools you need for successfully implementing your campaigns. Once you complete your objectives, you will be given 15-20 credit hours to satisfy your 'volunteer' requirements as well as the opportunity to continue on with The Allie Smiles Foundation. You may choose to simply gain more credit hours or maybe you would be interested in an intern position with our cool little not-for-profit? The choice is yours! There are no time restrictions for your participation, however we would like you to be able to complete your involvement within 8 weeks of beginning the program.

So, what are some of the things I will be asked to do???

- Review ASF website in detail with the intention of gaining full knowledge of what The Allie Smiles Foundation is all about.
(1 hour)
- Provide a detailed written explanation (in your own words) of what The Allie Smiles Foundation is. Mission, goals, community, etc... your answers will be submitted online, so you will be typing your answers as opposed to writing them and submitting.
(1 hour)
- Social media immersion - At ASF, we understand that social media is changing the way people communicate and do business on a daily basis. We will involve you in all of our social media campaigns. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.... Here's where YOUR creativity comes alive
(8+ hours)
- Build your very own fundraising campaign. We will provide you with the concept and you provide us with the creative! Have some fun with this project. We will provide you with the graphics templates in formats that will suit your needs. Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Word, InDesign, etc...
(5+ hours)
- Create a fun and innovative way to sell our ASF $50 gift cards. Good at thousands of restaurants, these are a hot item and you will learn how to effectively implement a sales strategy that works for your personality!
(2+ hours)
- Misc items created and collaborated on with our team.
(2+ hours)

Interested? Click the link below where you will be asked to provide your qualifying information as well as your contact information.
*Please note that if you are under the age of 18, you will be required to have parental consent to participate.
All application forms can be found by clicking on, or going to:

Once you are signed up, we will provide you with a syllabus and all the tools you will need to participate.

Thank you for considering a student volunteer position with The Allie Smiles Foundation!