Dog Mess

So your dog either pees or poops inside your house. How do you stop it? How do you manage it? One of the very first questions that comes to mind is the age of the dog. If it is a puppy, obviously it is easier to train it. A adolescent or adult dog will cause more problems, but still correctable. A geriatric on the other hand may not be able to help itself

Lets talk about puppies first. The most important thing is timing. First thing when the puppy wakes up, and after every meal. This is the time that the the puppy is most likely to go, whether, on newspapers, puppy pads, or outside. It is preferable to try to take them outside. Whenever they do go in the right place, be sure to praise them profusely, tell them how good they have done. This is the key. Praise works! If they do go when they are not supposed to do not yell at them. This is highly counter productive. Just be persistent in your training and in 2-3 weeks they should be fairly well trained. Remember there will be setbacks, even as they grow older, be prepared for that.

For an adolescent or adult dog the training will be the same. Persistence is the key. A dog will often return to the scene of the crime when he poops or pees. There are products which will help eliminate the scent. Finally older dogs just may no longer have the capacity to hold it like the used to.

In this case and with all dogs there are certain steps you can take to help deal with this problem. One of the best ways to prevent accidents is to limit the amount of time the dog is left alone. When going to work be sure to take them out to do their business. Use puppy pads, Some of them have chemicals which encourage them to go. Also there are some dog foods which are more easily digestible. This will result in less waste and less need for them to poop. Finally there are some devices now available on which your dog can go, that makes cleanup a lot easier for you to do. You can visit my website at for links to many of these products.