Is your dog begging? Here are 3 tips to stop it.

How can I stop my dog from begging at the table? Anyone who owns a pet has had this problem. All dog owners know how hard it is to resist those big old eyes and wagging tail. “Just 1 table scrap.. Please" they seem to be saying. Although it's cute, this is one canine problem that can become a major headache- if not taken care of quickly.
Here are 3 tips that can make mealtime more pleasant for you and your family or guests:
1) Pay no attention to the begging. Overlook it altogether, and do it consistently-at every meal. Make sure all family members and guests abide by this rule.
2) Feed your dog before you sit down to your meal. With a full tummy, Fido is less likely to beg for your food.
3) Compensate your dog for a job well done. After the meal, if Marmaduke has been a "good dog" and behaved himself, let him have a few table scraps. Make sure you put the food directly into his dog dish and don't feed him right from the table.
Depending on your pooch- some dogs take a little longer than others- this type of behavior modification can work wonders. Just remember, that everything takes time and this won't happen overnight. Exercise patience and give Spike plenty of love along the way. Before you know it, he'll be waiting for his table scraps over by his dog dish and probably thinking he's done a pretty good job of training you!

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