Outdoor or indoors?

Dogs, like wolves, are animals that come in packs. When they are born, there would be a litter of puppies that makes them a pack as they grow. However, as we separate them, we owners become the substitute for their pack. In order to become a secured dog, we owners will need to be able to provide him with the comfort of a pack. Unfortunately, for dogs that do not get that security, they will become restless and relentless, exhibiting behaviors we consider problematic like chewing, digging, and barking non-stop.
There were times owners kept their dog outdoor, and they were actually alright staying there, living a good life. But during those days, their owners would work side by side with them outdoors, which gave them the company of a pack they needed. By the time it was time to rest, the dogs would have had fulfilled its daily need for companionship, and they would be able to sleep peacefully outside.
Back to present day, when owners keep their dog outdoor, they do not get the ample interaction they require. People no longer work with their dogs, but in offices or sites away from them. By the time the owners get back, they would be too tired to interact with the dog except for a short while. These dogs would be deprived of their natural instinct for companionship.
Even with people still present at home when the dog is kept outdoor, if the owners do not come out to play with them, these dogs will begin to feel lonely. However, if the owners spend much time with the dog that is kept outdoors, it would be alright as these dogs are getting their daily dose of company. Overall, if you are planning to get a dog but keep him outdoors without any interaction from you, you are being cruel to your dog. Like humans, your dogs do not want to be disconnected from the people they consider their family.