Lyme's Disease

Knowing the symptoms of Lyme Disease in dogs is important. If you're like many people, you have a dog and he is like a member of your family. Just as you wouldn't want a member of your family to suffer, you also don't want your pet suffering. By knowing these symptoms, you can give your dog the relief and medical treatment he needs.
The most common symptoms your dog will have if he is suffering from Lyme Disease are the following.

  • Bad Breath - Dogs with this Disease often have breath that smells like ammonia
  • Muscle and Joint Pain - Arthritis-like pain strikes your dog in his muscles and joints
  • Fever and Chills - Dogs with Lyme Disease can have fever up to 103 - 105 degrees Fahrenheit along with chills
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes - Part of the immune system, the lymph nodes swell when there is an infection in the body.
  • Tiredness - Your dog will show excessive tiredness
  • Lack of Appetite - Your dog may have little or no interest in eating even treats
  • Depression - Dogs sometimes become depressed showing no interest in family members and withdrawing.

These are the top symptoms in dogs with Lyme Disease. If your dog shows one or more of these symptoms after having a tick bite, you need to take him to your vet to get him checked out. If your dog has this disease, he may only have one of these symptoms or he may have several. Likewise, just because your dog has one or more of these symptoms, he doesn't necessarily have this disease. He could have some other illness causing the same symptoms.
This disease is serious and potentially life threatening to your dog. If you live in a wooded or grassy area where your dog frequently gets tick bites, know and watch for these Lyme Disease symptoms in dogs to protect your pet and give him the medical attention he needs.

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