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Heidi who wasn't quite 3 months old when Shirley adopted her from Spokanimal Care in Spokane. Her litter of 4 was abandoned in a box when they were just born, in a snowy park. As soon as I saw her up for adoption, I went right away, and 3 were already adopted, but I was lucky enough to get my baby. She's 2 yrs now, and very sweet and loving.



Shirley H. and Heidi win our MayDay for Mutts contest!
Great Job Shirley and Heidi!










The results are in and it looks like our pups are now 'in the doghouse'. Our Doghous fund wins with most votes.

The Allie Smiles Foundation will be providing a brand new state of the art doghouse to our good friends at Sanctuary One! View Doghouse






Congratulations to Jenny W. from IL who won our St. PETrick's Day Quiz!




Congrats to 'Tink', our winner of last month's Cutest Doggie Contest!

Way to go Tink!

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