To Shave or Not to Shave… That is the question

May 4, 2015 by admin

Shave or not?

pet grooming in summer Although this haircut is certainly eye catching, it might not be the best thing to beat the heat.

As the summer heat escalates to oven-like temperatures, the thought of donning a fur coat may be unbearable. So how can you help ease your dog’s discomfort during sweat-inducing heat spells? Paw Nation spoke with Beth Recchia, Owner and Director of Furry Tails Grooming Salon and School of Pet Grooming and Kathleen White, Owner of The South Carolina School of Dog Grooming about how to groom your dog’s fur for optimal coolness.

Here is the question everyone asks: Should pet owners shave their dogs for the summer?
Some dog owners think their pooch would be more comfortable shaved, but many professionals insist that dogs’ coats are already equipped to deal with hot temperatures. “I believe that all dogs should be left in their natural coat if possible,” said White. “We sometimes have to give in to what the customer wants, but a dog’s coat insulates them for hot and cold weather.”

If the owner does prefer to pare down the fur, which type of haircut is best for dogs in the hot weather?
Hair styles do vary by breed, but Recchia recommends a generic “buzz cut” for her furry clients rather than shaving. “It’s a very short cut which removes excess fur, thus preventing shedding,” she tells us. “[Dogs] are much easier to bathe over the summer with less fur, and it’s also great for preventing ticks and fleas. You can spot pests much more easily.”

White advises her customers to allow the groomer to leave some fur for sunburn protection and insulation.

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