Our Story

The Allie Smiles Foundation came to fruition when “Allie,” our founder’s Golden Retriever, died at the age of 2 from an aggressive form of cancer that devastated she and her family. Her 11 year old son Anthony stated, “Mom, maybe we only had her for 2 years because God knew we would do something about it.”  And so we did. Together, they started ‘The Allie Smiles Foundation’.

The goal of our website and community site is multifaceted. We have created a wonderful interactive environment where you can submit your own story, read about other people’s journeys, obtain valuable information about your pet, ask our trainer Aaron Stewart, support our causes, read Allie's awesome blog, upload your dog's photo - and so much more.

We are pet owners; between everyone involved in bringing you Allie Smiles, we have 7 Golden Retrievers and one special Golden Labrador. We know pets and we want you to have everything you need to make your best friend’s life with you a little bit sweeter.

One year for us is 7 for our dogs. So let’s give them 7 times the love and 7 times the adventure!

We would like you to come join us.
Debbie and Anthony

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